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Organisation / Service

The internships are mandatory:
They fortify the benefits
Les stages consolident les acquis

The Vatel strategy, with reference to internships, is based on the education concept:

"All theoretical knowledge must immediately be confirmed by practical experience."

The practical application of this theoretical knowledge on the field plays an active role in the student’s education, and enables them to confront reality, to prepare themselves better for their profession, and for them to acquire the experience that is necessary for those headed for an international career.

These internships are also a great starting point for the active lives of the students, who, on graduation, are true professionals, capable of adapting to complex situations in an international environment. Each Vatel school has an internship office, which assures a personal following of the student’s interests, and selects hotels rigorously following these criteria. Furthermore, it helps each student define his/her own professional project, and carries out recruitment interview simulations for every student at the end of his/her studies.

Conducting the internship in the curriculum

Vatel has developed a principle of conducting the internships in a sequence of courses suited to the skills acquired through the course of the curriculum.


Cursus   Type of Internship Place Duration
Undergraduate : Bachelor's Degree
in International Hotel Management
Management 1 Operational internship National 4/5 months
Management 2 Operational internship International 4/5 months
Management 3 Operational internship
International 5/6 months
Postgraduate : Master's Degree
in International Hotel Management
Management 4 - - -
Management 5 Management Training International 5/6 months


Déroulement des stages dans le cursus

  • At the end of M1, the internship takes place in the country where the student undertakes his studies with the aim of familiarizing himself with the industry.

  • At the end of M2, the student may carry out the internship in the country of his/her choice, with the goal of perfecting his professional practice and adapting to a different culture.


Finally, the student is left with the choice of where to undertake his/her Management Training (M5). However, Vatel expressly recommends that it be in an international environment. This last internship period has the fundamental objective of placing the student in a pre-employed situation in the industry.


Are you a professional in the industry?
Contact Vatel:

  • Call us at or send us a fax at 08 20 20 44 36 If you are based in France 08 10 40 09 60

  • If you are based elsewhere Call us at +33 466 625 789 or send us a fax at +33466 625 777

  • or write to us here



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