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Undergraduate Hospitality Programme

Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management

Manager en Hotellerie internationale

  • French Ministry Level Certification II
  • Total Credits: 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)


Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management

Management 1

Semester 1 > Academic

Semester 2 > Internship

Administration IMarketing IHuman ResourcesComputer Sciences ICompany EconomicsProfessional CultureSelf-imageNutrition IFrench wine vintagesIntroduction to the World of BusinessEnglish ISpanish, German or French as a foreign language IRestaurant practical applications initiationKitchen practical applications initiationCatering Environment F & BHotel Environment

• Operational internship in a company

• Duration : 4/5 months

For reference only*:

• In Europe : € 400 net per month, full board

• In Switzerland : CHF 2168.- gross per month


Management 2

Semester 3 > Academic

Semester 4 > Academic

Administration IIMarketing IIHuman Resource Management IIComputer Science IIHotel LawBusiness LawTourism EconomicsEnvironmental EconomicsEnglish IISpanish, German or French as a foreign language IIProfessional Current EventsNutrition IIVintage Wines Throughout the WorldOral communicationProfessional Application in school • Management 1 internship report

• Operational internship in a company, in Europe or in a foreign country

• Duration : 4/5 months

For reference only*:

• In Europe : € 450 net per month, full board

• In Switzerland : CHF 2168.- gross per month


Management 3

Semester 5 >Academic

Semester 6 >Optional internship

Administration and IT IIIMarketing IIIHuman Resource Management IIITourist
Planning II
Computer Science IIICross-cultural ManagementEnglish IIISpanish,
German or French as a foreign language III
European KnowledgeCorporate taxationNegotiation techniquesPractical applications in managementPromoting your company • Management 2 internship report

• Operational or administrative internship in a company, in Europe or in a foreign country

• Duration : 5/6 months

For reference only*:

• In Europe : € 450 net per month, full board

• In Switzerland: CHF 2168.- gross per month


*These internship conditions are for reference only. They are not binding and can change from one internship to another, according to the host country.



Admission requirements:


In france


In Belgium

Certificat de fin d'études secondaires

In Spain


In Switzerland


In other countries

High School Diploma ou Equivalent «A» level or University Entry Examination


English Proficiency: TOEFL TOEFL 550 (80 IBT) ou IELTS 5.5 (academic) + one-page personal essay or a cover letter written
in English.

Duration of studies:

3 years

Training objective:

Complete knowledge of management, team-building, and executive functions in an international environment. Acquiring a professional, legal, economic, and linguistic culture with the objective of having an operational management post in the company.


Title and Degrees awarded:

- Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management/Manager en Hôtellerie internationale
State level II degree registered in the National Repertory of Professional Certifications by the April 5, 2012 by-law set forth by the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health and published in the French Republic Official Journal on April 14, 2012.


Equivalent certifications

European or international agreements

• Bachelor's Degree in Hotel

• Professional Bachelor's Degree

• Bachelor degree in Hotel


• Bachelor degree in Tourism


Titre accessible par VAE.


- European Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management
Degree awarded by Eurhodip



Programme Management 1

Programme Management 1

Students are introduced to marketing, human resources, administration and professional culture, and become seasoned to catering, culinary production techniques, banquet constraints, unexpected events in receptions or seminars, and conclude their School year by an internship in the country where they are studying.


Management I
- Acquiring the vocabulary and basic concepts.
- Understand how it is an instrument of managerial policy.

Marketing I
- Understand the basics of marketing necessary to grasp the concept of marketing and its importance in business.

Human Resource Management I
- An introduction to the basic principles which govern Human Resource Management.

Information Technology I
- An introduction to the use of the internet and the search for information in a business.
- Discover the Office tools applied in hotel management.

Enterprise Economy
- Understanding the concept of business and its place in the economic environment.

Professional Culture
- Understanding the past to anticipate for future needs.
- Arousing curiosity and learning to use the trade press and general media.

Look & Behaviour
- Acquiring the appropriate image, being aware of one’s self, having self confidence to enhance this image.
- Asserting one ’s self, while respecting the other.

Nutrition I
- Studying balanced menus and akin them into account the nutritional requirements recommended for adolescences, adults, athletes.
- Analysing principal diets.

French Wines
- Acquiring knowledge about wines, understanding what is wine to subsequently capitalize this knowledge.

Enterprise Discovery
- Discovering enterprises in this sector through site visits and conferences.

English I
- Moving from school level English, to a professional standard.

- Discovering the hospitality industry.
- Acquiring communication skills from the basics and the learning professional vocabulary.

Food & Beverage Training
- Working in a real hotel situation in restaurant, kitchen, pastry and housekeeping.

F&B /Hotel Environment
- Gaining general knowledge about the hospitality industry.




Programme Management 2

Programme Management 2

While continuing to enhance theoretical knowledge, students gradually gain managerial experience: in real situations, they will manage 1st year students, while being managed themselves by 3rd year students. Students gain self confidence and do an internship abroad.


Marco Polo Programme : The student can opt to do this year in any other Vatel school in the world teaching in the same language, with the permission of his/her school of origin.
> Learn more about the Marco Polo Programme

  Management II
- Developing your managerial culture.
- Acquiring the foundations of European and American management systems.

Marketing II
- Learning operational and strategic marketing.

Human Resource Management II
- Familiarizing one’s self with the diverse aspects of Human resource Management and the management of competencies.

Information Technology II
- Discover the Office tools applied in hotel management.

Business and hospitality law
- Learning the foundations of law in business or hotel activity undertaken by an enterprise.

International Tourism Economy
- Highlighting the hospitality and tourism sector and the possibility of incorporating them in major groups, officiating more in both areas.

Economic Environment
- Getting acquainted with economic tools and mechanisms.
- Acquiring a subject specific vocabulary.

English II
- Understanding the Anglo-Saxon hospitality world, acquiring linguistic autonomy, and gaining knowledge of the English speaking world.

French II
- Discovering the hospitality enterprise.
- Deepening communication structures, the basic and the professional vocabulary.
- Learning to identify and manage different types of clientele.

Professional Culture
- Using the 1st year theoretical knowledge to understand actual tendencies and being able to talk about and justify new products and concepts.

Nutrition II
- Putting in place the alimentary security standards in the hospitality business and conducting sensory analyses.

French Wines
- Discovering the wine producing regions of France.

Professional Application
- Mastering the techniques of hotel and restaurant management, and the culinary arts.




Programme Management 3

Programme Management 3

Students have all basic knowledge required. Students then are ready to begin team management, right in School. They develop their analytical capacities, using the wealth of knowledge they now have, devise strategies and the take their first steps in making decisions.


Management III
- Moving towards the "cost control" functions.
- Mastering the tools of European and American management.

Marketing III
- Applying operational marketing.
- Understanding both, the Marketing mix and new concepts.
- Mastering new strategies such as Yield Management.

Human Resource Management III
- Mastering HR tools used in the management of hospitality institutions.

European Tourism Economy
- Discovering the touristic parts of Europe through its organization and through concrete examples of major tourist destinations.
- Learning to use graphs and statistics, as well as documentaries and the internet to study the situations.

Information Technology III
- Discover the Office tools applied in hotel management.

Intercultural Management
- Opening up to diverse cultures and understanding them.
- Understanding the different forms of management in the world.
- Learning how to manage multicultural teams.

English III
- Oral communication in English in professional situations, as well as in Management and Marketing.

- Oral communication in French in professional situations, Management and Marketing.

European Economy Law
- Learning the basis of law in the European Union.

Tax Systems
- Answering financial questions of a hospitality enterprise: their legislative sources, their imposition, the result, VAT, the different individual income tax or corporate taxes systems followed around the world.

- Learning the basics of negotiation, preparing one’s self to negotiating agreements at different levels in the enterprise, and that it is used in every department on varying fronts (negotiating salaries with HR, for example).

Practical Application in Management
- Learning to control a team in a restaurant and applying this theoretical knowledge in business, HR and cost control as well.



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