Happy Birthday Vatel Nimes!

Nimes, Vatel Group’s Flagship School, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Happy Birthday Vatel Nimes!

On Thursday, February 5th, Alain Sebban, President and Founder of Vatel Group and Karine Sebban Benzazon, his daughter, who has managed Vatel Nimes for the past 16 years, invited their guests to celebrate Vatel Nimes’ anniversary. Vatel students, the object of this celebration, astonished guests by their myriad of talents. All praised and applauded the students’ enthusiasm.

Students had been busy for weeks, preparing a show for their guests. Members of the local government and faculty members appreciated their talent as singers, dancers, actors and musicians, and all had tears in their eyes when hearing the song “Vatel change la vie” or “Vatel changes your life,” sung on a well-known melody written by the French singer, Jean-Jacques Goldman in 1989, the year that Vatel Nimes opened its doors.

At the end of the evening, students placed a butterfly in their flag’s national colors on the Campus Tree of Life. These same students, when they graduate, will be promoting and illustrating the city of Nimes throughout the entire world.

Deeply moved, Mr. Alain Sebban reminded attendees that State representatives, heads of universities and business schools, investors, professionals in hospitality and members of governing bodies from all over the world, come to Nimes to visit the School, to understand the bases of Vatel Group’s success and comprehend the subtle alchemy that exists, linking theoretical courses to practical applications.

Back to the past: after having opened Schools in Paris and Lyon, in 1989 Alain Sebban opened the Vatel Nimes Campus, directly linked to an application hotel by a foot walk. And these 14,000 square meters truly do reflect a unique educational concept: a tried and tested mixture of academic theoretical courses, taught at school, followed by professional experience in each and every department of a four-star hotel.

From 1989 to date, the Group, which had three Schools in France, is now present on four continents and is currently preparing the launch of ten more Schools.


A few facts and figures for Vatel Nimes

  • 1981: Vatel opens its first School in Paris
  • 1989: The Vatel Nimes School as well as its application structures (a hotel, brasserie, restaurant and spa) open
  • 1996: Nimes launches courses in English, for its international student body
  • 1999: Karine Benzazon Sebban begins working as the School Director
  • 2012: Anne Maud Aguilar, a Vatel Nimes alumnus, begins working as the Hotel Manager

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