A career that gets off to a good start

Six hotels tried during his studies, one job offer before graduation and one opportunity to start his own business in Hong-Kong...

A career that gets off to a good start

His name is Victor Bellor. He went to the Jason de Sailly high school, the largest campus in France, where he graduated with a scientific major.

After that he attended the Paris II Pantheon University for Law School, up until 2010, when he decided to go to Vatel. And now what?

-   Three years of courses in English, or as Victor says, “the universal language of hospitality.”

-   Four different hotels during his studies:

-   Ten different kinds of work in just three years, or a “360° picture of the field as well as experience in the various hierarchical levels in jobs a hotel has,” said this Vatelien proudly:

  • waiter,
  • cook,
  • barman,
  • groom,
  • reception desk agent,
  • night auditor,
  • human resources manager,
  • sales coordinator,
  • guest relations manager,
  • accommodations manager.

-   His first year internship in the F&B and Catering department of the Amigo Brussels hotel, where he learned the “discipline required in a gourmet restaurant.”

Victor in the Shangri La London-   His second year internship in the brand new Shangri-La La Hotel de Beijing Restaurant, where he had the opportunity of participating in the restaurant’s new design as well as drawing up its new menus: “an unbelievable multicultural experience like those you can only find in the international hospitality industry,”  said Victor, when he thought back on the cultural diversity his clients and his fellow workers had, in this internship.

-  One job offer by the Shangri-La Group, even before he finished his second year internship. At that time the hotel chain was preparing the grand opening of the London Shangri-La and wanted to hire Victor in the F&B department of its future gourmet restaurant. He had just enough time to finish his courses at Vatel Brussels and to accumulate another six months of experience as the Captain at the Maison Blanche Paris restaurant.

-   A year and a half at the Shangri-La in London. He was promoted from Supervisor to Assistant Restaurant Manager. He was just 24 years old and already leading a team of over 50 people, at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the English capital.

Tartine-   One new opportunity in Hong-Kong, where he began to “create a restaurant chain in the Asia-Pacific area, funded by French investors and support by the Art de Vivre group. The first Tartine restaurant opened in October 2015 in the Soho district and was immediately a great success.

And a great development forecast for the soon to be opened “Take Away Corners” that will be launched in other Hong-Kong districts.  The first one is slated to open in June, 2016. Many other franchises are also in the discussion stages in the Middle East, the United States, Southern Asia and in France.

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