Nicole Tonge, down to business!

As soon as she was doing her second year internship at Vatel Nimes, Nicole Tonge had already set a goal for herself: being hired after her Bachelor’s Degree in the accommodations department of a hotel. And here she is!

Nicole Tonge, down to business!


As soon as she was doing her second year internship for her Bachelor Vatel at Nimes, Nicole Tonge had already set a goal for herself: being hired after her Bachelor’s Degree in the accommodations department of a hotel.


And here she is! In an email attached to her final dissertation, she told us that she had just been hired as the Assistant Housekeeper at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel in Canada. So in between packing her bags, she’s happy to tell us how she landed this great job. 



Nicole, why did you choose Vatel?

Simply because of its educational concept where a week of theoretical courses is followed by a week of practical application experiences. In addition to that, Vatel gives you a great opportunity to learn a foreign language and meet people of different nationalities.

Vatel gives its students technical knowledge and practical skills before their first day of an internship. Even before our first weeks of internships, we already had “hands-on” training. This gave us self-confidence and made us want to do better and better. And I remember receiving compliments during my very first internship on how efficient I was as well as my ethics. And that was due to Vatel.


What was this internship and what job were you doing?

I was in the F&B department of the Novotel Nice Cap 3000 4* Hotel. I had a lot of responsibilities for a first internship. I opened the restaurant by myself and supervised all the breakfast arrangements.


In my second internship I was introduced to the accommodations part, which I preferred in hotel management. I was the Assistant Housekeeper in the 5* Hotel de la Cite in Carcassonne. I was in charge of schedules, checking the rooms, preparing the arrival of our VIP guests on their honeymoons, etc. I also had to make sure that all quality standards were being respected.  These skills and knowledge allowed me to be accepted for my third internship in the four-star Concorde Opera Paris Hotel as the Assistant Housekeeper.


Even before I finished my last internship, I received an offer from Canada to be the Assistant Housekeeper at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. It was like a dream come true! I’m proud that I was always on course for my goals.


Could you tell us about the job and responsibilities?  

The Assistant Housekeeper in a hotel:

- supervises and manages on a daily basis all the other departments,

- makes sure that quality standards are respected,

- quickly and efficiently manages any requests or issues guests may have,

- attends all the departmental meetings,

- acts on and delivers all necessary information to the various teams.


What memories do you have of the years you spent at Vatel?

Only good ones! All the other students from all different nationalities who have since become friends, hard but very gratifying work, nights that were too short because they were magical, great courses, especially “Vintage Wines” and “French,” and Vatel personnel who were always there when you needed them.


What are you short, mid and long-term projects?

For right now I’d like to continue gaining experience in accommodations before starting my MBA Vatel.  That’s to get me closer to my final goal: becoming the General Manager of a hotel and then Manager and Owner of my own hotel on my beautiful native island: Dominica.   Be careful not to confuse it with the Dominican Republic.


And I’d like to take advantage of this interview to thank all my Vatel friends all over the world, my professors and my colleagues in my internships.

MBA Vatel is a certified degree in International Hotel Management

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