Internships, a capitalization of professional experiences

Vatel is proactive in obtaining internships for its students

The relationship you have professionals in the hospitality field is one of the cornerstones resulting in finding that all important first job.

Internships allow students

  • to experience reality in the workplace,
  • to gain experience in their future jobs,
  • to acquire essential experience required for an international career


Since 1981, each Vatel School has been selecting internships for its students based on what year they are in and how they will best be able to assimilate and apply the know-how and skill sets they have studied the previous year.

These internships are mandatory and comply with academic regulations:
At the end of their undergraduate studies, students will have spent a minimum of eight months in operational internships.
Should they continue with graduate studies, they will have 6 extra months of experience in managerial positions.

Internships are also a springboard leading to future employment for students : as soon as they graduate, they are already true professionals, capable of adapting themselves to complex situations in an international environment.

This is why Vatel

  • ensures personal follow-up of its students
  • carefully selects its host hotels
  • helps students to define their professional projects
  • sets up job interview simulation exercises





Objectif pour l’étudiant


4/5 months


This is a demanding internship for students, who, either during the peak summer or winter season are introduced to their professional environment. They learn basic tasks at the Front Desk and in the restaurant. The goal is that as a future manager, once they have climbed the corporate ladder, will then be able to better manage their employees as they once did the very same jobs.


4/5 months


This internship still has an operational dimension, but takes place if possible in an English-speaking country, so that students will be able to develop their linguistic and multicultural qualities.


6 months

According to students’ choice

This is designed to allow students to experience managerial functions, and take responsibilities in the company.


In France, Vatel centralizes internship offers for its students

Vatel Schools enjoy close relationships with hotels and restaurants located all over the world. Nonetheless, in France, the External Relationships department is the sole contact for companies and deals with their internship offers. These offers are then transmitted to Heads of Studies on the Paris, Lyon and Nimes Campuses, who allocate an internship to each student, depending on his or her profile as well as the


Elli Wang VatelElli Wang, Training Manager at the Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing - China
"Our customers give us very positive feedback and we are aware of the self-confidence that interns develop while working with our employees.  This is the best proof of their passion and commitment."



M. LeralluJean-Pierre Lerallu, Deputy Director, Hotel de Charme Les Airelles, Courchevel - France
"We started by trusting Vatel to recruit our interns, as this school ensures their presence from the beginning till the end of our four month winter season, which was essential for us. After that, we were really satisfied with the way these students took their internship seriously. [...] Because of that, the more involved they were, the more responsibilities we gave them, and they had a better internship. We see our Vatel partnership as a true exchange."


M. ChironMathilde Chiron, a 2011 alumnus and Development Manager for the La internet site in Paris
"The internships I did really helped me find a job. [...] When I returned to France, I had a much more global vision of our profession."

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