Martin Santos news BDE President for the year

A new management team has recently taken over the running of the students’ association with the usual one-year mandate. We met Martin Santos, who is this year’s President. He tells us how he sees his new responsibilities.

Martin Santos news BDE President for the year

Martin, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Martin Santos. I’m a student in the M2B class. I’m 19 years old and I was born in Marmande (Lot-et-Garonne). I like sport and going out with friends. I see myself as an uncomplicated, sociable person.

You’re the new President of the students’ association for this year. What does this mean to you? Why did you take on the responsibility?

As President of the students’ association, I see my primary role as ensuring that Vatel Bordeaux’ students have a good year. I should like to start by getting to know as many people as possible and listening to their ideas and suggestions. I should like to give everybody a chance to participate in the life of the college and give them an interest in doing it. I accepted the position of President of the students’ association and I believe I’m capable of doing what is required of me and shouldering the responsibilities.

What do you consider as a good students’ association? What’s its purpose?

I think it’s an association that listens to all students, whatever their class, age or background. A good association must take everybody into account and make responsible choices.

In my opinion, its purpose is to create cohesion within the college and ensure that the students in Bordeaux have a good time, together.

Is your team already up and running? Does it draw on students from different classes?

Yes, most of the team is already in place. You can see it on the association’s Facebook page. We’re just looking for one or two students from the preparatory classes to complete it. By the way, another, separate, team will be responsible for organising the gala evening.

Many of the students in our team come from my own class, M2B, simply because it takes mutual trust and confidence to create cohesion. It’s true that the team doesn’t have people from every class but it’s important for students to know that we aim to be available to everybody and arrange things with all the students in mind.

Have you already got a few ideas of what you want to do with your team this year? Can you give us a few examples?

Yes, of course. Our Integration Weekend is planned for 21 and 22 November. After that, there will be a patrons’ evening and traditional events (Christmas, gala, return of students from the September intake etc.)

At the same time, we’re going to try and organise events in some really cool places in Bordeaux (Afterworks, games etc.). Our primary aim is to be a students’ association that gets things moving!

What ideas do you have for the end-of-year gala evening?

That’s a difficult question. As I said, there’s another team dealing with that. It requires a lot of organization.

Can you describe this year’s integration weekend, briefly?

We’ve got it all organised. Everything’s included in the price: transport, accommodation, activities, evening, meals and Welcome pack.

It costs €99 and registration forms are available in the students’ common room and at the Vatel Hotel reception.

We’ve really tried to ensure that the students are well looked after and that everybody spends a fantastic weekend! Of course, the weekend can’t be a success unless you take part and show a real intention to celebrate the new college year in the way it should be celebrated.

Do you have a message for the students?

Come and chat with us. Join in, whatever your class. We’ll be delighted to talk to you, get to know you and chill out together.

We’re always ready to listen – that goes without saying!