A second Revenue Management Specialization class

Drawing on the success it has with professionals and students, the MBA Vatel Specialization in Lyon has started a new class with 14 students from five different Campuses.

A second Revenue Management Specialization class

These 14 students started their studies in: 

Vatel Paris

Vatel Lyon

Vatel Nîmes

Vatel Bordeaux

Vatel Bruxelles

And today they make up the second class of the MBA Vatel Revenue Management* Specialization on the Lyon Campus.

What is the first class who graduated doing now?

An update on our young Vateliens, newly graduated and already hard at work:

*Revenue Management and all the strategies that it includes are key elements in the hospitality industry. The main goal is to optimize Turnover and Profitability by working on several different leverage effects, which require strategy and tactical skills. Successful Revenue Managers must know the market well, understand their client bases and their segments, master the corporate Market Mix, distribution and be forward looking.