10 good reasons to do an observation internship in a hotel

Dozens of different kinds of work to discover in just a few days, a unique family spirit, a field that’s hiring... And what about suggesting to middle or high school students to do their observation internships in a hotel?

10 good reasons to do an observation internship in a hotel

Middle and High School students: 2016 has just started and you’re already thinking about the observation internship that you’ll be doing this year? Here are 10 good reasons to think about doing it in the hospitality industry:

1- You’ll be able to observe not just one, but dozens of different kinds of work in just a few days.

2- Whether you prefer science or literature, working with people or in the office, one of these jobs will match your preferences and your personality.

3- You’ll discover the large family of hospitality, a network of professionals, all united and committed.  

4- In France or abroad, you can have a great career any place in the world.

5- There must be a hotel near to where you live.

6- You’ll have beautiful pictures to put in your internship report.

7- Your days will all be varied and different: there are no routines in the hospitality industry.

8- You’ll discover a sector with plenty of jobs, one that is always recruiting.

9- You’ve got 29,000 chances to meet a Vatel alumnus.

10- It’s an opportunity to develop your team spirit. 

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