Vatel, a springboard towards employment

Vatel, a springboard towards employment

More than just a degree, professions

Professional employment rate

Annual gross salaries of newly graduated 

Going abroad helps you succeed later 


More than just a degree, professions

When they start working, most Vatel alumni who decide to begin their careers after their Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, have middle management jobs in hotel chains: Assistant Reception Manager, Head-Waiter, Catering Control, Housekeeping Manager, Sales Assistant, Deputy Housekeeper, Cost-Control, etc.

For those who have a Postgraduate Degree in International Hotel Management, on average they have an open ended contract within six months, in a managerial position. Their jobs demand more skills and managerial aptitudes: Reception Manager, Deputy Catering Manager, Marketing Assistant, Deputy Human Resources Manager, Yield Manager, etc.

The true added value that Vateliens have, compared with graduates of another school, resides in the accumulation of professional experiences during schooling: as of their very first day at school until they graduate, our students apply their knowledge, both at school and during their internships.


Professional employment rate after having completed schooling (% of graduates)

Titre Contrat at 3 months at 6 months
at 12 months
Bachelor's Degree CDD 46 %

55 %

25 %

CDI 29 % 43 % 75 %
Total 75 % 98 % 100 %
Postgraduate Degree CDD 45 % 24 % 5 %
CDI 35 % 76 % 95 %
Total 80 % 100% 100 %


Annual gross salaries of newly graduated Vatel alumni in France or abroad (in euros)

Titre Contrat in 1 year
in 2 years in 3 years
Bachelor's Degree France 27 700 29 100 31 200
Abroad 30 400 33 600 38 080
Average 29 800 31 500 36 400
Postgraduate Degree France 31 600 33 100 38 800
Etranger 35 500 40 960 45 200
Moyen 33 800 38 200

42 700


Going abroad helps you succeed later in France

Many graduates of French schools decide to begin their careers abroad, where it is much easier to climb the corporate ladder. Gross annual salaries are much higher than in France, in particular because of the many perks: free housing, food, certain living expenses paid for, insurance, etc.

In addition, they can use the priceless network of 25,000 Vateliens throughout the world and students are often recommended by Vateliens they met during their internships or even directly hired by them.


Helene Myon, a 2011 graduate and the Research and Development Manager at Curty’s in Paris
"It’s not unusual at Vatel to transform your final internship into your first job."
Click here for her Success Story:

Jean-Baptiste Karsenty, a 1988 graduate who founded his own web communication agency in Meribel, “La Mobylette Jaune»
"When I finished my third year internship, the same hotel hired me and little by little I was promoted until I managed the hotel. A long climb up the corporate ladder when you know I started as an assistant trainee!"
Click here for her Success Story:

Jenna LI, a 2013 alumnus and the Meetings & Special Events Executive at the Dubai Ritz Carlton
"I finished my exams at the end of October, 2012 and then a few days later I took the plane to Dubai and started my internship in the Ritz-Carlton. Three months later, they hired me in the job in which I’m currently employed."
Click here for her Success Story:

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