Undergraduate studies


Bachelor Vatel
International Hotel Management


Manager en Hôtellerie internationale

French State Level II certified degree

Admission  prerequisites: High school diploma or equivalent + entrance exam

In France


In Belgium

End of secondary education certificate

In Spain


In Switzerland


In other countries

High School Diploma or Equivalent "A levels" or University Entry Examination

Goal: Being introduced to management through the association of theoretical aspects and professional experience.

 In an international environment, students learn

  • Management techniques, tools and team-leading;
  • How to develop their professional, legal, economic and linguistic abilities with the goal of being an operational manager in a company.

1st year: students are introduced to marketing, human resources, management, and professional culture. At school, they gain experience in the restaurant, in culinary arts in the kitchens, learn the constraints banquets have, deal with unexpected events at the Front Desk, etc.

2nd year:  while continuing to acquire theoretical knowledge with new subjects such as Corporate Law and Tourist Economics, students begin their managerial training. As a part of their practical application courses, they manage 1st year students, while being managed themselves by 3rd year students. They gain confidence and become aware of hierarchy in the workplace.

Students also have the possibility of applying for the Marco Polo Program in their 2nd year.

3rd year: students now have legal, economic, and linguistic knowledge and have managed teams at hotels and at school. This year they increase their analytical capacities, use all of their knowledge, design strategies and makes their first decisions

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