The 4 Mousquetaires in the Red Cross Gala 

Serving the meal at the 6th Red Cross Gala Dinner, four 2nd and 3rd year Vatel Nimes students tell us about this full-scale practical exercise.

The 4 Mousquetaires in the Red Cross Gala 

Here are Leo, Axel, Andrea and Maxime, or as the Vatel Nimes Head of Studies affectionately nicknamed them for this event, the "4 Mousquetaires".

So who are Athos, Porthos, Aramis and Artagnan then? It’s hard to say for the first three of them, but appointed as F&B Manager for this evening, responsible for the fifteen students who were working in the restaurant then, Andrea was the one who took Artagnan’s role.



Second year students in action

Leo Della Schiava“I was in charge of serving wine for the 6th Red Cross Gala Dinner. During large events like this one, we’re able to see all of our theoretical knowledge and everything that we learned when we were doing our 1st year internship turn into operational skills. 

Precision and working quickly are very important. When you serve 100 guests 4 different wines chosen by 3 wine stewards, it’s a really intense exercise. We paid special attention to learning everything about the wines we’d be serving with each dish to our guests so we’d be able to create a true moment of sharing with them. ‘The French art of hospitality’, as we say at Vatel.” Leo Della Schiava


“As it is often the case during our professional application weeks, we were confronted with true and concrete difficulties. The interest in having such tasks to do is to learn how to manage these things efficiently and quickly. And above all - and that’s why it’s so important to work with real customers - they have no idea what’s happening!

During this evening, I really appreciated:

  • the good moods of the chefs working in the kitchens,
  • the solidarity of all students working in the restaurant and
  • the friendliness of all of our customers, who came together for this great action of solidarity.

Each service at the Brasserie or the Restaurant in the Vatel Hotel & Spa is important of course, but there are days like when we had the Red Cross Gala Dinner, that really make you realize how important our jobs really are. Guests who were invited for this meal came to support a noble cause, and it was up to us to bring them all the attention they deserved. And in a small way, it was also an opportunity for us to support this association.” Axel Gory


Third year students managing

Andréa Caldelari“At Vatel, one day each and every student has the opportunity to be the F&B Manager for the day, and manage the service. We learn how to manage students:

  • all with different types of personalities: shy ones, driven ones, awkward ones, quick ones, etc.
  • that we know more or less: friends, classmates, people we’ve just met, etc.
  • of different ages and from different countries: there are 47 different nationalities on the Nimes Campus.

A leader is someone you want to follow, a professional role model. He or she is the person who shows the example to follow and receives loyalty from his or her team members, because of this legitimateness

Practical application courses at Vatel are great opportunities to test our leadership skills and hone them before beginning to work fulltime.” Andrea Caldelari, the F&B Manager for the Gala Dinner


“We are really able to measure how interested we are in one department when we participate in practical exercises like this. 

Personally, I’ve already made my choice: I want to start my career in F&B because I love the adrenalin that comes from services like this one as well as the privileged relationships we’re able to create with our guests. Maxime Clary

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