My daughter in the Hospitality Industry

A job in the hospitality and tourism management fields? That was evident for Clemence. The father of a second year student, Bruno de la Palme tells us how and why his daughter chose Vatel.

My daughter in the Hospitality Industry

“I’m a movie director. My job perhaps indirectly influenced my daughter’s choice to work in hospitality, because of all the trips I took with my wife and our three children. Clemence has always been very attentive to the beauty of the hotels we stayed in and the way they were operated. 

During her last year of High School, she was able to persuade us of the relevance of her choice of undergraduate studies as she had already discussed this with: 

  • friends already attending Vatel,
  • friends who were already Vateliens, and
  • family members who were already in this line of work.

After having talked with her, my wife and I browsed through the Vatel in France Internet site and looked through the Vatelien Success Stories where alumni present their background and functions.

We understood that at Vatel, Clemence above all, would learn how to manage teams and thus have a global employment passport, allowing her to work in many different fields.

She was still hovering between Vatel and other schools, but the Marco Polo exchange program totally convinced her.  Even before applying to Vatel Paris, she was already looking at the different places Vatel Schools were operating throughout the world to choose one of them.

She finally decided on the Vatel Buenos Aires Campus in order to improve her Spanish. She went to that school for her 2nd year in March 2016 and then came back to Vatel Paris to finish her Bachelor Vatel."

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