My daughter at Vatel

The father of a second year student at Vatel Paris, Bruno de la Palme tells us about the learning path that his daughter, Clemence, has taken.

My daughter at Vatel

“We were extremely satisfied by the admissions procedures and especially the thorough organization that Vatel Paris had concerning the uniforms and equipment.

We already had a sneak peak of the values the School was transmitting: a warm welcome, thoroughness, elegance in gestures, etc.

A few months later Clemence had started school and we started to see all sorts of her classmates coming over, all wearing their Vatel uniforms, all polite and passionate about what they were doing. 

During her entire 1st year, our daughter enthusiastically told us about her Marketing, Finance, Human Resources courses that followed her practical application weeks in the School’s application restaurant

Once she had learned the ropes, she encouraged us to come once a week to see her because this restaurant caters to real customers.

We really loved seeing her get used to her new job. And that’s something not all parents have the opportunity to see: try to see your child if he or she decides to study medicine!" 

 Vatel restaurant Paris            Vatel restaurant Paris           Vatel Restaurant Paris

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