My daughter in her internship

After having spent four months in the gourmet restaurant in a luxury hotel on the French Riviera, Clemence went to a Resort in Bali. The father of a second year student, Bruno de la Palme tells us about his daughter’s internships both in France and international.

My daughter in her internship

"Clemence has always loved the Cap Eden Roc d’Antibes Hotel and I think that’s what triggered her love for the hospitality industry

She asked Vatel’s Internship Department, which has had a partnership with this hotel for years, to be able to do her first internship there. Vacancies had already been allocated to Vatel interns, but the School encouraged her to apply. 

She was accepted and began her internship during the Cannes Film Festival, a time when the hotel was completely full. We came to see her during when she was working in the hotel’s gourmet restaurant.

Just like when she was at Vatel, she took to it like a duck takes to water, and had become much more professional.

Now the Nirwana Resort and Spa in Bali is hosting her for her second internship. Her Vatel classmates who just returned really recommended this hotel. The hotel is located in an English-speaking area, a real asset for progressing in English. 

Stage Cap Eden RocClemence told us that after her introduction week where she went through all the hotel’s departments, she will being with three months in the Guest Relations department and then spend the next three months in the Sales and Marketing department.

When I see my fifteen year old son listening to his sister telling him about her studies, her professional experiences and her ambitions, I say to myself that we might not just have one child who’s a Vatelien!

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