A Vatelien puts star-awarded Chefs into jars

A Vatel Lyon alumnus, Helene Myon is now the Product and Quality Manager at Boco, a chain of fast bistros with recipes from star-awarded Chefs... served in jars!

A Vatelien puts star-awarded Chefs into jars

If ifs and ands were pots and pans there'd be no work for tinkers' hands! Helene Myon puts French gastronomy into jars!

Or at least she makes sure that each recipe is correctly developed and that the menu is constantly renewed.

Helene, what do you do at Boco?

-   I select and write recipes for our production facilities.

-   I check and validate quality data (application of legislative texts, drawing up the ingredients, shelf-life studies, food allergens, etc.).

-   I taste the new recipes when they come out on the menu, then after that each week, in our production facilities.

-   I also take part in promoting our products by organizing events in our stores, such as Thursday cocktails, Christmas activities, presto menus, etc.

-   I speak directly with out 14 star-awarded Chefs about how we can change our products. 


What qualities are required to be successful in a job like this?

Boco is a small structure, with only eight people working in the office, for a network of over 10 stores, several of which are franchises.  Like in all start-ups, I work in the project mode to ensure communication with many different contacts and departments:

  • production facilities in France and abroad,
  • the supply chain,
  • purchasing department,
  • franchised stores,
  • store managers, etc.


When you have to juggle from one file to another and from one person to another, you have to be flexible and have an eye for details. But when you love your job, everything gets done, and within the deadlines too!

You were hired after you graduated as the Curty’s Traiteur Evenementiel Research and Developement Manager: what attracted you to restaurant services and more specifically, the products on the menus?

Restaurant services comprise many different kinds of work in a highly creative and competitive environment. I love to think all the time about how products must change to meet customer expectations.

The hospitality industry, tourism and restaurant services are fields that constantly change. Just look at the boom in delivery systems, the importance of digital services, changes in consumption trends to organic food, gluten-free food, etc. These are trends to explore, meaning new products to be imagined and of course, new colleagues to be hired!  

Boco Chefs


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