Boarding for the 4L Trophy with Julia and Thomas

Two Vatel Bordeaux students are getting ready for the 20th edition of this legendary raid. Departure date: February 16th.

Boarding for the 4L Trophy with Julia and Thomas

Julia and Thomas, also known as the “4LDorado Team,” are getting ready to live their dream: participating in the 4L Trophy, a 6,000-km humanitarian expedition through France, Spain and Morocco. “We’re aware of how lucky we are to be able to study and live comfortably. We decided to take part in this adventure to discover other cultures and help people in need, and those who want to study,” explained Julia.


A lengthy preparation

Before heading out, Julia and Thomas had to start by finding their team’s third member, a 1986 Renault 4L, that they affectionately call their “baby,” and that they’ve been preparing for the past few months.

“Fixing up an old 4L is a lot of work,” explained Thomas.  “Luckily for us, Julia’s dad introduced us to Thierry, a friend of his who’s a true MacGyver, with a heart of gold and who can help us get the car ready.”             

Julia added, “We can also count on his daughter Solene’s precious help, as she took part in this race for two consecutive years. She teaches us basic mechanics, something you really must know when you’re in the middle of a desert. And she even let us drive her own 4L to test its reactivity before setting off on the Andalusian Sierra Nevada and the Sahara dunes.”


One word links France to Morocco: solidarity

The 4L Trophy is like a chain of solidarity. So for the past few months, the team has been carrying out several actions to fund the 8,000 euros required for the trip, which include the registration fees, gas, tolls, as well as various pieces of equipment. A concrete opportunity to test the knowledge that they acquired during their courses.

“After having solicited our family and close friends, we contacted dozens of companies around Bordeaux for donations and partnerships,” explained Thomas. “It’s not always an easy thing to juggle schoolwork, internships and sponsoring files, but we’re very impressed and motivated by how generous people are, especially our classmates.”

Today, they still need 1,800 euros to make ends meet. They have just launched a crowdfunding  campaign on the online platform Ulule.


Ready for the adventure

This year over 1,500 teams will be leaving from Biarritz, for Marrakesh, their final destination. That means 7,000 km just using a compass and a road-book.

“With only ten days before we leave, we are really excited,” said both Julia and Thomas at the same time. “We can’t wait to meet so many new people, to discover breath-taking landscapes and even to experience our first struggles. All we’re waiting for is to share this whole thing with you!”


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