Vatel students host the Organic Winegrowers Competition

Enologists, wine stewards, and grape growers met for a blind-tasting of over a hundred samples to determine the winning wines for 2017.

Vatel students host the Organic Winegrowers Competition

Each year, in May, the New-Aquitaine Federation of Organic Wine organizes the Organic Winegrowers Competition to find the best organic wines in the area.

“Open to all organic certified wines, (VQPRD and IGP, two French regional certification labels), this competition is recognized by the New-Aquitaine Ministry of Economy and is supported by the Regional Council,” said the Federation’s spokesperson.                  

For an entire morning, a jury made up of professionals in the wine industry, (enologists, wine stewards, grape growers, etc.) met to define the 2017 winning wines.

They then had a 100% organic lunch with a view over Bordeaux’s skyline, from the Marco Polo rooftop.

Ludovic Glorieux, Vatel Bordeaux’s Head of Studies, reminds us how important this event is for the school: “We are truly honored to be hosting this competition, and for many different reasons:

  • We want to work closely with wine-growers and keep on expanding our network.
  • The organic approach is a 100% part of our Ecolabel engagement and also in our Corporate Educative Social Responsibility charter.
  • And our students learn a lot when they see what goes on behind the scenes in an event like this.

Last but not least, and here’s a scoop for you, this competition is a first step in producing a Vatel Bordeaux vintage!”

That was all he would say, but you can count on us, as soon as the Vatel Bordeaux vintage is assembled, you’ll be the first to know. 

The 4L Trophy: XXL training in the Moroccan desert

The 4L Trophy: XXL training in the Moroccan desert

Alexandre and Tanguy, both Vatel students, will be participating in the next edition of the largest student rally in the world. Let’s meet them before they leave.

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