Bordeaux Number 1

According to the Education First Institute’s ranking, Bordeaux is the city in France where people speak English the best.

Bordeaux Number 1

Lonely Planet has ranked Bordeaux as the trendiest city in 2017, the New York Times has ranked it as the world’s second must-see destination and in 2016 internet users ranked it as the European Best Destination. The capital of the French Gironde region thus confirms its status as the leading city for tourists at an international level.


And if that hasn’t convinced you, the Education First Institute has just published its conclusions on a vast study of English speaking linguistic skills and Bordeaux came in first place with a score of 60.67, followed closely by Lille with 60.62 and Paris with 59.79.


Touristic indicators for the city in 2015-2016 

  • Nearly 6 million visitors in 2015
  • Benefits: 926 million euros
  • Occupancy rate for hotels and other facilities (68.01%)
  • 255 journalists welcomed (including 197 foreign journalists)
  • 52 luxury cruise ships in 2016 as compared with 35 in 2015.

 Click bellow to watch EPI French Subtitles-SD from EF Education First




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The 4L Trophy: XXL training in the Moroccan desert

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