Vatel Bordeaux wins the 2016 Vatel International Business Game

The Notorious Five team was the winner in this management simulation serious game.

Vatel Bordeaux wins the 2016 Vatel International Business Game

4 schools, 13 teams, 39 companies and 98 managers in competition.

"The Notorious Five" were able to stand out and take the best strategic decisions to be hailed as the winners of the second session of the 2016 Vatel International Business Game.

And Vatel Bordeaux really is the best, as the “Catch Me if You Can” team also won the April 2016 Games.

Congratulations to Marina Bourbon de Rouvre, Martin Cappelaere, Tianhui Liu, Baptiste Marsal, William Ribault et  Zhang Rui for their victory. 


“In this simulation, individuals serve all the others.” 

“At the beginning, it’s hard to get into this game because of the number of parameters that have to be understand and changed. Once we’ve understood the true interest of each variable, then we have to be very precise and exacting in sales in the two hotels and be very careful when managing our cash flow.

You also have to trust your other team members. One player can’t control everything and he or she has to rely on the skill sets others have to succeed. In this simulation, individuals serve all the others. 

More generally speaking, we are happy to apply what we learned in Mr. Mendele’s and Mr. Allard’s accounting classes. We’d like to thank them as we owe them a part of our success!”, Baptiste Marsal, an MBA International Wine and Spirits student and team member.


The final classification

1 The Notorious Five - Vatel Bordeaux
2 Ocean's 8 - Vatel Mauritius
3 Alimama - Vatel Nimes


About the Vatel International Business Game

The Vatel International Business Game is a virtual management simulation game. Fifth year students on all the Vatel Campuses throughout the world compete with one another for a week.

Each team manages three companies belonging to the same group:

-       Vatel Holding

-       Vatel City

-       Vatel Resort

In real time simulation, they must make commercial, financial, technical and human decisions. When the game is over, the winning team is the one who rolled out the best strategy, thus accumulating the highest number of points.

This program, created by and for Vatel stands out a step ahead of other business schools because of its innovative design and its perfect adaptation to the field of the international hospitality industry.

It won a Worldwide Hospitality Award in the “Best Educational Innovation” category.