Vatel prepares its arrival in Nantes

Jules Baralo and Antoine Billon, two Vatel Lyon students, were at the Fomathèque student fair from January 27 to 29 to speak about their courses.

Vatel prepares its arrival in Nantes

Vatel is a hospitality management school that teaches us little by little how to federate and manage teams. Each week of academic courses is followed by a week of hands-on professional experience in Vatel’s application structures. Working with real customers, we learn how to do different kinds of work, how to make decisions and how to manage our team members. For example, in my second year, for a week I was the Captain in Lyon’s Vatel Restaurant: I managed first year students and was myself supervised by a third year student, who was in charge of the whole restaurant.  

Because of all of these different experiences, I was immediately operational in my first internship at the Front Desk at the Altapura de Val Thorens Hotel. Working for five months in the peak winter season in a five-star hotel, you really learn a lot! And then I went all across the world for my second year internship as I managed the restaurant services at the Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort.  Antoine Billon

The Vatel Nantes campus, with facilities of 2,860 square meters, almost 30,800 square feet, will comply with our educational concept in its school and practical application structures: a restaurant, a brasserie and a Vatel café, all of which will be open to the public

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