And Victor created HelloExtra

The "BlaBlaCar for restaurations services" exists ! And a Vatelien, class of 2015, created it.

And Victor created HelloExtra

Attracted by the hospitality industry, Victor Penhoat applied to Vatel in 2012.

At the beginning of his second year, this son of an entrepreneur detected a need: “Doing occasional work in restaurants! It’s useful for students who want to make a bit of money while gaining experience, but they usually have to devote several hours of research on internet for this. And what’s even more complicated is that restaurant owners usually just note down the contact details of employees in a notebook,” explains Victor.

A simple idea was thus born: creation of an app to find a qualified occasional employees in just two clicks.

HelloExtra is its name, and it has been available since the end of 2016. It targets 72,000 recruitment officers in France and has already won a scholarship from the Paul Bocuse Institute.

At Vatel, the school director trusted this start-up right away. “The school gave me advice, helped me meet professionals, relayed my messages on the social networks and is going to let me give a presentation to MBA students to tell them about HelloExtra!,” said Victor Penhoat, who already sees himself as the “BlaBlaCar for restaurant services.”

 Hello Extra