All new for the 2016 academic year!

The Vatel Lyon application restaurant underwent a facelift this summer. Information and photos...

All new for the 2016 academic year!

What sets Vatel Lyon aside from the other campuses is that there isn’t just one, but three practical application structures so that school students can:

- host and develop loyalty with real customers,

- manage teams,

- make decisions,

- promote their businesses and hotel products.

The Vatel Gourmet delicatessen and caterer and the Vatel Cafe opened in Lyon in 2010 and 2011, whereas the Vatel Restaurant in Rue Duhamel was inaugurated when the School first opened back in 1984. 

It was time to revamp the place, so that students would receive training which correspond to today’s needs and changes in the hospitality industry, restaurant services and in tourism.

The kitchens, conference rooms and banquet venues were renovated last year and all that needed to be done was a renovation of the lobby and the main room to complete this metamorphose.

Let’s bet that the couple of thousands of Lyon alumni will be glad to discover the new look that the restaurant in which they learned their jobs now has.

More photos will soon follow! 

Focusing on digital technology

Focusing on digital technology

A Vatel Brussels alumnus, Benoit Formet now works for Qualitelis, a company designing digital tools for hospitality professionals. Proud to come back to Vatel, he met students for an interesting presentation and question and answer session.

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