Sharing experiences

How can you understand an abstract concept? By using real examples of experiences you’ve had!

Sharing experiences

One thing that sets Vatel a part from other hotel management schools: its faculty members are mostly from the hospitality profession.

An example from the 5th year Specializations: courses are given by professional instructors who are still working and seen as experts in their line of work.

For example, in the Revenue Management Specialization at Vatel Lyon where Tony Loeb, the co-founder of Experience Hotel gives courses.

The technical director for 13 years at World Independent Hotels Promotion, a web agency specialized in the hospitality industry, Tony Loeb supervised the commercialization of hundreds of hotels located in Paris, Amsterdam and New York, just to mention a few.

While continuing to work as the Progress 9 web agency’s Sales Manager, in 2014 he created Experience Hotel, a global web solution for customer satisfaction management and improvement.

Here is the video he showed in class, if you’d like to know more: