When a teenager and her mom meet a faculty member...

... this is a winning trio! Find out more here about why Alizee and her mom, Agnes, love the Vatel curriculum.

When a teenager and her mom meet a faculty member...

“One of my daughter’s friends, who was a Vatel Paris student and a year older, recommended Vatel to her. Alizee had just started her last year of high school and her friend told her how much she liked going to Vatel.

After that, my husband and I went with Alizee to the Student Fair, where she was able to speak to students who told her about:

After that, I went with Alizee to the Vatel Paris Open House Day.

And last but not least, to complete our approach to Vatel’s universe, we decided to have a family lunch in the School restaurant, just a few days before Alizee’s entrance exam. All of that strengthened our belief that she had made the right choice.

We were very impressed of course about the quality of the menu, but especially about how professional the students were and their sprit of mutual assistance

Just a year later, we went back to the restaurant at Vatel Paris, and this time Alizee was waiting on us. She was the one in charge of presenting the famous desserts trolley.  

We were really moved to see her “recite” with application the 30 or so desserts to all the customers in the restaurant and to see how much they all really appreciated her presentation. Agnes Desmas

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