My daughter has grown up!

After having studied for four years at Vatel and four years of professional experiences, Agnes Desmas is proud to see how her daughter, Alizee, has changed, from a student into a real professional.

My daughter has grown up!

“Just a few days after she started school at Vatel Paris, my daughter was already waiting on real customers at the school restaurant. And a few months later, she was in the halls of the Four Seasons George V Hotel, for her first internship as the Palace Housekeeper.

After that, to improve her English, Alizee went to England for six months where she did her second year’s internship in the restaurant services at that Hilton London Park Lane Hotel.

Right after she arrived in England, she told me that her internship supervisor - who was in charge of one of the hotel’s restaurants, - had asked her to present the other restaurant employees with ideas that could improve their customer services. Alizee’s proposals were praised by all and many of them were applied right away.

She told me later that she was inspired by her former professional experiences and her courses to create a dedicated customer file, whose goal was to cross-check and share information from the restaurant with that from the hotel’s front desk.

This is when she realized how each subject that she studied and each professional experience would influence what she would be doing for the rest of her career.


Flashback and results

For the past four years now, I’ve seen my daughter bloom in this universe: the mixture of weeks of theoretical courses with weeks of practical application at the Vatel Paris Restaurant are perfect for her. The spirit of mutual assistance and sponsorship that bring all classes of students together is fundamental for Alizee, whose relational and social qualities have increased each year. 

With her internships, she was able to acquire operational and managerial skills, while becoming much more mature and flexible.

It’s really easy for a parent to boast about their children, but when you see your daughter, who’s doing an internship at the front desk of a luxury hotel, answer questions without hesitation, and do so in several languages, you realize just how much she’s grown up and how well prepared she is to do the job she’s always wanted to.

This is what I saw just recently when I visited her while she was working at the Grand Hotel Lucien Barriere in Enghien-les-Bains. Now my daughter is no longer a child, but a multi-talented and fulfilled professional.” Agnes Desmas 

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Construction site meeting

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