Close-up of a Vatelien’s resume: her education

Formerly a Vatel Paris student, Maud Licari is now the Four Seasons’ “Regional Director of Sales.” She’ll tell us about her choice of studies and what she learned.

  Close-up of a Vatelien’s resume: her education

“After I graduated from high school with a major in economics, I enrolled in a business school with a major in finance. But as the years went by, I became aware that the jobs I was preparing myself for didn’t have the human touch that I would have liked.

That’s why I decided to change course towards the hospitality industry to try to find this customer contact that was lacking.

And when I found out that I would be able to travel and find a job any place in the world, I immediately applied to Vatel Paris for my MBA in International Hotel Management.

Though my memories of cleaning veal kidneys at 8 in the morning are not my fondest ones, at least I learned how very important it was to try out a maximum number of jobs to be able to do them, coordinate them or manage them in the future.

Having done several jobs in the kitchens, at the front desk and in the Vatel Paris Restaurant, now allows me to be able to discuss with all types of personnel who work in the hotel and tourism management fields.

I know what’s required, the joys they have in their jobs and how they relate to the other departments. I’m thus completely legitimate when I speak to those working in restaurant services, at the front desk, in the rooms division, or elsewhere.” Maud Licari

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