Close-up of a Vatelien’s resume: her experiences and advice

A 100% Four Seasons career and 100% in Sales. Maud Licari tells us about her jobs with this group and the great opportunities that this department has.

Close-up of a Vatelien’s resume: her experiences and advice

“I’m an example of the internal promotion they do at Four Seasons. I started as an intern, before being hired as the Sales Coordinator.

 Then I applied for each job that opened in the group and little by little I climbed the corporate ladder from Regional Sales Manager to Accounts Manager, then to the job I currently hold, that of the Regional Director of Sales.



For all students and recent graduates

Find your career yourself. No one’s going to “propose” a turn-key job to you.  You’ve got to have the maturity required to be considered for it. And this maturity will then give you the strength you need to fight to get the job you want.

And as a more personal recommendation and as I’ve always worked in Sales, I’d like to add that this is an extraordinary springboard when you first start working.  You’ll be both with management and your guests, in the office and on the ground, in trade fairs and hotels, etc.  If you want to travel and be promoted quickly, this department is made for you.

On the other hand, you’ve got to stand out. And I must admit that I’m surprised that there are so few good “salesmen” in the luxury goods market. I’m trying to surround myself with young graduates who are able to sell with sophistication and elegance. When you’re selling magical moments, that’s a delicate art that has to be learned and honed for years before being completely mastered...“ Maud Licari

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Construction site meeting

Construction site meeting

Don’t forget your hard hats and your safety shoes! Vatel is taking you to visit its Nantes’ school construction site, which will open in September 2018, in a fast-developing district.

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