2017 Graduation ceremony

Students celebrate their arrival in the large family of Vateliens and also their first jobs!

2017 Graduation ceremony

Surrounded by their parents, students in the MBA in International Hotel Management from Vatel Nîmes and  Vatel Lyon met on May 19 and 23, to celebrate the end of their studies and their arrival in the great family of 30,000 Vatel alumni, called Vateliens.

Chaired by Karine Benzazon, the General Manager, Jean-Luc Scherrer, the Vatel Nîmes Head of studies and Delphine Cinquin,the Vatel Lyon School Director, they all got together in the Vatel Nîmes Hotel and Vatel Lyon Restaurant, the practical application structures in which students can carry out full-scale experimentations of their theoretical knowledge.


Students hired before graduating

Many students were honored in this ceremony with a managerial internship that was transformed into a first job, contracts signed even before graduating. This was the case for:


Others, such as Thomas Bouvier, founder and director of Tiptoques, decided to start their own companies.


Grand entry into the huge Vatel family

Our 30,000 Vatel alumni work in the most beautiful hotels on earth and form a network of professionals who are always available.

As through this graduation ceremony they became Vateliens, the young professionals who were there committed themselves to continuing the dynamics launched by previous classes and to giving each other a helping hand, anyplace in the entire world.



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