Vatel celebrates Silpakorn University International College’s 15th anniversary

Vatel Bangkok would never have seen the light of the day without its priceless partner: Silpakorn University International College, which has just celebrated its 15th anniversary. An opportunity to look back on the launch of Vatel Bangkok, in 2003.

Vatel celebrates Silpakorn University International College’s 15th anniversary

A school is born

At the turn of the 20th century, Dr. Sompid Kattiapikul and Dr. Wanchai Sutananta, representing Silpakorn University, wanted to create a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management in their brand new international college.
Vatel Group enthusiastically followed the university: thus, in 2003, Vatel Bangkok was founded. Since it opened, the school has enjoyed all facilities required for Vatel courses, both theoretical and practical applications: classrooms, an application restaurant, pastry laboratory, etc.
The school has constantly grown, and has moved near the center of the capital, where the large hotels which host students during their professional application courses and internships, are located. Each year, several hundred students are enrolled in Vatel Bangkok’s Bachelor and MBA courses.


Marco Polo, the student exchange program between our Group’s schools, began in Vatel Bangkok: the beginning of a great international adventure for Vatel students!

Silpakorn University International College's 15th anniversary

Silpakorn University International College's 15th anniversary

Construction site meeting

Construction site meeting

Don’t forget your hard hats and your safety shoes! Vatel is taking you to visit its Nantes’ school construction site, which will open in September 2018, in a fast-developing district.

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