International luxury hotels present themselves to students

The ambassador of Eastern luxury, the HR Mandarin Oriental Paris Palace Manager came to Vatel to present her hotel and opportunities in this Hong Kong based group: 27 luxury hotels on 3 different continents.

International luxury hotels present themselves to students

Stephanie Girodengo, the Human Resources Manager at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, for the last 4 years, came to speak to Vatel’s fourth year students. 

From the presentation of the Groupe Mandarin Oriental, which now has 27 luxury hotels on three different continents, to the 99 rooms and 39 suites making up the Paris hotel, students were able to appreciate the sophistication and elegance of this Hong Kong based hotel chain. As an ambassador of oriental luxury, Stephanie Girodengo tells us about her presentation.


The Mandarin Oriental Paris is one of the eight French Palaces in Paris.  How does it stand out, in your opinion? 

Our personnel is our greatest asset. All of our staff members provide an emotional type of service, which is a part of our Group’s corporate cultural heritage.


Do your Western guests have the same expectations as your Eastern guests? 

All Mandarin Oriental Group clients have the same high level of quality of service, no matter which hotel they are staying in. Even if our expectations can be different between the East and the West, it’s our job to adapt ourselves and to bring our guests the unforgettable experience they came for.


In your opinion, what values do the Groupe Mandarin Oriental and Vatel Group share?

 Quality of service and international recognition. Whether they’re hotel guests or students from schools, we pay special attention to the relationships we have with them. And each and every day, we strive to promote a positive and dynamic image of our workplace: hotels or schools.


What skills do Vatel students have to develop in order to work in one of your hotels? 

All people-oriented skills are very important, and values of respect and humility are also primordial. In France, fewer and fewer people are fluent in foreign languages. Your students will stand out if they are able to speak several foreign languages. 


What departments had internship possibilities for our students?

 In the restaurant and in accommodations. But also in procurement, communications and stewarding.  The “Stewarding” department is one that is only found in hotels and its members are in charge of coordinating everything to do with Table Arts, as well as managing stocks and reserves.


©Photo and video:  George Apostolidis and Mandarin Oriental, Paris - Mandarin Oriental, Paris - Royale Eastern Terrace

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