An internship in the White House... in Saint Tropez

Have you ever heard of the White 1929, a luxury hotel from LVMH Group? Ombeline came back full of enthusiasm after a four-month internship in the restaurant department. A sun filled testimonial, just right in the middle of winter!

An internship in the White House... in Saint Tropez

-“Ombeline, for your 1st year internship, you’re going to spend four months at the White 1921 in Saint Tropez,” Delphine Cinquin, the Vatel Lyon School Director, told her.

“What’s the White? Wow, a hotel in the LVMH Group!”

Ombeline started off by being a little apprehensive when her School announced the hotel it had chosen for her very 1st internship. And even more so when one of her professors reminded her that hospitality is a vast network where everyone knows everything and where each experience is important.

“I rushed to my computer and found out that the White 1921 is a boutique hotel with a very famous bar and the General Manager seems really charismatic. What did community-based sites have to say? Only good comments! So I decided to transform this pressure into positive stress and surpass myself! Excitement mixed with stress hits a new high: GO!”


Four months later, time to leave already

Ombeline Hurstel“My best memory of these four crazy months?  The last evening I was working. A huge evening with an enormous turnover. I used everything that Vatel and the White team had taught me, receiving dozens of “vouchers” to deliver in a record time.

I was proud. My last evening ended with an Ice Bucket Challenge from the team and very touching testimonials thanking me for my hard work.

When you leave a foster family like the one in White, it’s really moving. So many exchanges, so much support, learning about the job and life in general... This internship helped make me ready to go into my second year and understand that though we go faster alone, we go farther when we’re in a team.

Now I’m more ready than ever to be the person who conveys knowledge, who gives without looking back and who never stops learning.

If I had to do this again, I wouldn’t change a thing. My nervousness at the beginning, challenges to overcome, success in what I did, I’d keep everything. I changed so much, both personally and professionally, that if I could do it again, I’d start tomorrow!”

Testimonial by Ombeline Hurstel,

when starting her 2nd year in the Bachelor Vatel program in Lyon.


White Hotel 1921 Terrasse         White 1921 Chambres


MBA option palace

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