Magnificence and sophistication by Peninsula

This Hong-Kong based hotel chain came to Vatel to present jobs in the Human Resources department of a hotel and recruit its future employees.

Magnificence and sophistication by Peninsula

Through individual interviews with Michele Cosma and Gwendoline Benchirif from the Peninsula de Paris Hotel, Vatel Nimes 4th year students realized that their school and this chain of hotels had several points in common: 

  • A family spirit,
  • Deeply rooted human values,  
  • An international exchange program...



Figures & philosophy

  • August 1st, 2014: the first European Peninsula Hotel opens in Paris.
  • 10th hotel in this chain, with 6 in Asia and 3 in the USA.
  • 600 employees work at the hotel in Paris and there are 8,000 employees throughout the world.


“Our HR philosophy is to defend values such as humility and family spirit to increase well-being for our employees. We constantly strive to take care of our team members just as well as they take care of our guests. To do that, we make a large effort to support our employees as soon as they arrive in the Group, and then continue this supportive care and attention throughout their entire careers.

Nicolas TessierWe encourage ideas and experiences to be shared transversally in the different departments our hotel has. To achieve this, we have several programs such as the one called ‘cross exposure,’ which is a total immersion of an employee in another of the Group’s hotels, for three weeks. He or she has the same job as in Paris, but does it in another one of our hotels. You could say that it’s like the Marco Polo program for the Peninsula Group.

Last but not least, another strong point the Group has is its intensive use of new technologies. We are fortunate to have a research center in Hong Kong where 20 people work on various home automation tools and devices that we use in our rooms. Without bothering our guests at all, we bring them additional comfort through the use of tactile tablets allowing them to control every aspect in their rooms.” 

Nicolas Tessier, the Assistant Manager in Human Resources at the Paris Peninsula Hotel – A 2005 Vatel alumnus.

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