Young generations from the entire world meet at Vatel

Does an international school help to work better together? Reply is in Vatel Nimes and Vatel Switzerland...

Young generations from the entire world meet at Vatel

Seven Romanian high school students spent two weeks at Vatel, where they shared the daily lives of the students.

A very rewarding cross-cultural experience both for them as well as for Vatel students, who are already used to multiculturalism.  

Just like Vatel Martigny in Switzerland, students at Vatel Nimes have over 40 different nationalities, all on the same Campus.

During these two weeks of courses at school and in the Vatel Hotel & Spa, which is where Nimes’ students have their hands-on experience,  

-          Daniela, Adrian and Eugen discovered the hustle and bustle of the kitchens, 

-          Dumitru and Cristina were initiated to the many facets of the accommodations department,

-          And Monica and Denisa, experienced the hierarchy involved in the many jobs in restaurant services.

Liana Coroianu, the French teacher at Constantin Brancusi High School, said she was delighted: “I’m so happy that seven of our high school students were able to discover not only the different departments hotels have, but also the unique educational concept of a French school of higher education specialized in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

An international professional experience, an introduction to the ‘French art of hospitality’; my seven high school students have gone back to Romania with great professional projects in mind!”

Keeping with its mission to give students an international and multicultural education,  Vatel Group always responds present when young generations from the entire world want to come to its Campuses. 
 Students thus learn how to work together and have cultural pluralism on a daily basis.  
This helps them to be prepared for the melting pot of nationalities present in large international hotels that they, without a doubt, will have later in their professional lives.
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MBA option palace

Back from when he started Vatel to his many internships, Jean-Charles tells us more about this perfect combination that led him into one of the most beautiful palaces in France:  Le Meurice Hotel, Paris.

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