Along the Mekong...

A child’s dream come true among elephants... this is the Success Story of Camille Budry, the Pakbeng Lodge General Manager in Laos, and a 2010 alumnus.

Along the Mekong...

When I grow up, I’ll be an Ambassador for my country!” A child’s dream, that Camille Budry still had when he was a teen.

But as there are not too many vacancies, the young man thought more about his aspirations:

  • being the emissary of a country, a group, a company, or values,
  • travelling and meeting many different cultures, nationalities and lines of work,
  • managing a company... even if it’s not an embassy!

And when everything was said and done, being the General Manager of a Hotel matches each and every one of these criteria and as a lucky coincidence, a Vatel School had just opened in Marrakesh when Camille finished high school. Let’s go! 

Fast forward: Five years later we’re in 2010 and Camille is finishing up his studies at Vatel Marrakesh, with an MBA in International Hotel Management, boasting several professional experiences during his time at the Vatel Marrakesh Hotel and in his internships:

“With Vatel on my resume, quite a few years of experience and being able to speak 5 languages (trilingual in English, French and Spanish and a good command of Arabic and Italian, I easily landed my first job and all the other ones after that.

After having worked as the Project Leader at Agadir Evasion in Morocco and Customer Relations Manager at One&Only Resorts in the Maldives, I was recruited in March, 2015 as the General Manager of the Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge & Elephant Camp in Laos.

I love my job and most of all I love it in the morning where I greet my guests at breakfast and we talk about our professional and personal lives. 

After that I begin my daily tasks:

  • checking in new guests and checking out those who are leaving,
  • organization of their activities with the elephants or in town,
  • training new employees and coordinating team members,
  • drawing up price ventilation strategies in order to raise our turnover and room occupancy rates,
  • promoting our hotel and its e-reputation on the web.

And of course everything that is unplannable and that ends up taking over 80% of the day!  

MBA option palace

MBA option palace

Back from when he started Vatel to his many internships, Jean-Charles tells us more about this perfect combination that led him into one of the most beautiful palaces in France:  Le Meurice Hotel, Paris.

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