Professionals speak about Vatel

The Human Resources Manager at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler in Canada, Moses Chew tell us about why he works with Vatel.

Professionals speak about Vatel

“The Fairmont Chateau Whistler is located in British Colombia, Canada. The international employee market is an attractive one, as tourism is a passion here, and people working in hospitality generally choose to do so for their careers, much more than in North America.

To develop this market, and here it’s a new challenge, we chose to work with France in 2015. And I decided upon Vatel, because of its reputation and image, for our first partnership.

 I visited the Vatel Paris Campus and was immediately impressed by the equipment, the restaurant, the resources and above all, the culture that was taught to the students.

We hosted our first class of Vatel interns and I was impressed. It’s clear that they came here for a

hands-on experience. They bring in a “plus” for Fairmont’s culture.

In addition, I had very high quality communication with staff members at Vatel. They were all very cooperative and promoted exchanges, from the selection process up to handling student visas.

This professional approach really validated our partnership with Vatel.” Moses Chew

MBA option palace

MBA option palace

Back from when he started Vatel to his many internships, Jean-Charles tells us more about this perfect combination that led him into one of the most beautiful palaces in France:  Le Meurice Hotel, Paris.

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