Greeting guests, adaptation and innovation: daily challenges in the hospitality industry

With its Events Management specialization, Vatel invites professionals in the field, such as Sophie Pomaret, the International Clients Events Manager at Royal Canin, a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated group.

Greeting guests, adaptation and innovation: daily challenges in the hospitality industry

A few words about your job

“My role is to manage major events for Royal Canin and to set up a global events strategy which conveys a consistent image of the brand at a global level.”
Sophie Pomaret, Professor of Events Management, Vatel Nîmes

Working with cultural specificities on a daily basis

Cultural shock isn’t a myth, especially for far-away countries with strong contrasts such as India, China, Russia or Japan. Travelers are always impacted by odors, noises, crowds, pollution, different rhythms in living, and strong or unusual images.”

In the hospitality industry, you have to be at ease with the cultures your guests have, as well as those that your colleagues have. Guests believe that each country has its own singularities: “We often highlight how modern Asian hotels are, how gigantic rooms in the United States are, or the quality of French meals, etc.” Guests also have different expectations, depending on their origins: the hospitality sector must consequently adapt itself to them.

The development of events in hospitality: increasing offers, adaptation and innovation

Communication tools, team building events, conventions and seminars are just a few of the events organized in hotels and they often last for several days. To address these changes, large groups propose, for instance, packages including the venue, accommodations, meals and the event itself.

This rise in the number of seminars also requires technological tools: special events sites, online registrations, electronic dashboards, etc. 

The challenge faced by hospitality professionals is thus to propose more and more while being cost-effective, in this very competitive field.

Events manager: a job that is constantly changing

As special events in hotel are enjoying a larger and larger market share, the special events manager’s job has also changed. The person doing this can consequently do the same work as an agency; he or she has to manage everything: the search for activities, restaurants, evenings, etc.

Discover the Vateliens who are currently events managers!

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