My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: Campus life

Her arrival in Asia, when she started school at Vatel Ho Chi Mihn, her connection with Vatel Nimes, Roxane Hamel tells us about her sophomore year in the exchange program.

My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: Campus life

“Why go to Vietnam? To discover Asia and the culture of its population.

It seems evident to me that a first international experience should be chosen not for its career opportunities, but rather with the outlook of discovering a culture that is really different from your own.

Even though I was travelling alone, I never was lonely at all because I was welcomed with open arms by everyone I met with incredible generosity.

The Vatel Ho Chi Mihn Head of Studies regularly asked how I was doing and my classmates were incredibly attentive and always reading to lend me a helping hand.

The Amity Club, which is a type of local Student Services Department, showed me around the city and introduced me to local culinary specialties.

I also had my Vatel Nimes sponsor who kept me up to date with what was going on in France and allowed me to rest from speaking English and Vietnamese for a few minutes.

Today I really feel the positive influence that spending all of this time with such an altruistic and optimistic population gave me.

I hope to convey this to my friends in Nimes now that I’m back.”


Roxane Hamel Vatel Nimes Student in Vatel Vietnam

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