4 alumni from 4 French Schools working in the same hotel

You find Vateliens wherever you go! The testimonial of the Radisson Blu Nantes Hotel Director will tell you more here...

4 alumni from 4 French Schools working in the same hotel

It’s official, Nantes will be the fifth city in France with a Vatel Campus and will open its doors for the first Bachelor Vatel class for the 2018 student intake.

Vatel alumni however didn’t wait for that to come to the Loire-Atlantique! Just have a look at the Radisson Blu Nantes Hotel where 4 Vateliens, who graduated from the 4 Vatel Schools in France currently work:

-          Jacques Leger, the Cost Controller, class of 2009 from Vatel Lyon;

-          Pauline Pottier, the Sales Manager, class of 2012 from Vatel Nimes;

-          Laurent Loubeyre, the C.F.O,.  class of 2007 from Vatel Paris;

-          Lucie Leblet, the Revenue Manager, class of 2008 from Vatel Bordeaux.

“As the General Manager of the Radisson Blu in Lyon, and now the Radisson Blu in Nantes, I’ve always really liked working with Vatel students and alumni,” said Yves Grardel when he was laying the first stone for the Vatel Nantes School, on March 29, 2016.

He added: “In the Vateliens who work at the hotel, three are “already” part of Senior Management. This goes to prove the quality of courses that Vatel Schools give.

Radisson Blu NantesIn France, higher education mainly targets theoretical courses, and in my opinion, one of the qualities the School has is to have found the perfect balance between theory and practice.

These Vatel students and alumni blend in easily and conscientiously to their teams and very quickly prove themselves to be autonomous and efficient in their functions.

I’ve also noticed that they have a strong ‘corporate spirit,’ which makes them stand out on some points from other employees. They are also ambitious and want to work in jobs where they have responsibilities within a structure.”

very positive look on the Vatel curriculum, shared by Pauline Pottier, a Vatelien when she spoke on Radio France. To hear her, just click below. [Only in French]

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