My daughter wants to work in hospitality and I support her!

Agnes Desmas, who manages a luxury goods clothing store, is above all, a mom. She’ll tell us how she supported the choice that her daughter, Alizee, who is in her fourth year at Vatel, made for her studies.

My daughter wants to work in hospitality and I support her!

“It’s easy for me to believe that my profession indirectly influenced the career choices that Alizee made.

I manage a ready-to-wear clothing company in the luxury goods sector, which allowed us to travel as a family and gave me the opportunity to organize fashion shows in prestigious hotels such as the Bristol Palace, the Paris Le Grand InterContinental and the La Bastide Hotel in Saint Tropez.

Without a doubt, that sparked my daughter’s interest to have a career in luxury hotels. She wanted to find:

  • A high quality of service;
  • A high level guest relations and 
  • The sophisticated codes that are inherent in all luxury lines of work, be it clothing or in hospitality.

She joined Vatel Paris with very precise professional goals and as of the very first day, the School really helped her reach them. In particular, in giving her the opportunity to do her first internship as the Housekeeper and that Four Seasons George V Palace and allowing her to do her second internship in the Hilton London Park Lane in restaurant services.

With her goal in mind, Alizee chose the MBA Vatel Specialization “Luxury Goods Management,” for which she was accepted for her fifth year. She is delighted, not at all nervous about this last year and is aiming for a final internship in the Sales and Marketing department of a luxury hotel.

As for me, I’m persuaded that my daughter will love working in this field!” Agnes Desmas

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