Close-up of a Vatelien’s resume: her skills

Regional Director of Sales for the Four Seasons hotel chain in Paris, Maud Licari speaks five languages and has more than one feather in her cap. Let’s meet her.

Close-up of a Vatelien’s resume: her skills

What three key skills do you have to acquire and hone when you work in the hospitality industry?

  • Adaptability: this field is one that changes quickly and where we always have to question ourselves. It’s up to us to do everything it takes to follow this crazy rhythm, but there will never be a dull moment!
  • Autonomy: “teach me now to do it myself,” is one of the key phrases in Maria Montessori’s philosophy and one of the cornerstones of Vatel’s philosophy. If you want to be promoted quickly in this field, you have to prove to your managers that they can trust you do do a good job with more responsibilities.
  • Empathy: with guests, our colleagues, our suppliers, etc. We never work alone in the hospitality industry, and seeking what others need allows you to find solutions to most problems.


What roles did your linguistic skills play in your career?

I’m bilingual in French and English, and speak fluent Italian and Spanish, and have a basic knowledge in Chinese.

Languages open all doors. Not just on your resume, but also when you work with others.

Guests tell you so much more when you speak to them in their native language. You have to master, or at least try to do so, the languages that your clients / market targets speak to have quality relationships with them.

Without English or Spanish, I never would have been hired for my first job as the Sales Coordinator at Four Seasons. 

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