What does a Vatel student learn in a week in the kitchens?

Vatel isn’t a school that trains Chefs! So why do we see students wearing chef’s hats?

What does a Vatel student learn in a week in the kitchens?

Quite a few students and Vateliens can bear witness to this: professional experience weeks in the kitchens are very stressful but also loads of fun, but above all a great managerial decision-making exercise:

-          Leading teams and compliance with hierarchy

-          Communication and following orders

-          Checking hygiene and work clothing

-          Inventory management and replenishing

“Just like when they work in the restaurant, Vatel students are assigned jobs that correspond to their levels of schooling: first of all, a kitchen steward in their 1st year, then the following year a station chef before becoming an executive chef in their 3rd year.

They learn how to listen and perform tasks and then progressively how to give orders themselves and have more responsibilities.” Pascal Lemasson, Executive Chef in the Vatel Paris Restaurant

“I was really stressed out for my first week in the restaurant. It was the first time I would be serving real clients. Having worked in the kitchens the week before really helped me.

I had already experienced the pressure and effervescence in the kitchens.  I understood what dishes I would be serving and above all, the importance of team spirit: in the kitchens or in the restaurant, if anyone is left behind, it’s the whole machine that falls apart.”  Amelie Pichelot, student at Vatel Paris  

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