The mental strength of a rider and hospitality student

Work stamina, elegance, team spirit and vigilance are just a few of the many values shared by horse-back riding and the hospitality industry.

The mental strength of a rider and hospitality student

Some of us have a passion in our lives. Alexia Mirian has two of them: riding and hospitality. She got the first one from her grand-father, who was a French Republican Guard, and the second one when she was just a little girl and was fascinated by the hotels she and her family stayed in: “this world full of stars has always fascinated me, and I even said I wanted to be a hotel manager when all of my friends in grade school said they wanted to be teachers.’

And these two passions never left her, and they even were able to live together, bringing with them complementary qualities and values.

Thoroughness, vigilance and determination are just as important in riding as in the hospitality industry.  A second of hesitation, a missed step and you’ll be missing the obstacle or fumbling somehow, which can be irreparable for your guests. And becoming an outstanding rider, just like becoming a senior executive in the international hospitality industry, isn’t just something you do in one day. It’s hours and hours of training for the first one and it takes five years of studies for the second.

From these two passions, I learned and am still learning to:

  • work even harder, 
  • do the same exercise over and over,
  • be patient and trust myself.

Alexia Mirian The confidence that I acquired during riding competitions really helped me when I was doing my first week of practical application courses with the guests at the Vatel Paris Restaurant.

Just like the inseparable duo that my horse and I make up, I immediately understood that the kitchens, the restaurant and the front desk have to work together and that team spirit is required when serving meals.”

And it’s this type of spirit that has given Alexia her many victories, up to the French Equitation Championship and her final internship in the Communication and Marketing department of the Paris Shangri-La Hotel



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