What is the Vatel International Business Game?

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What is the Vatel International Business Game?

The Regional Marketing Manager at Hilton Worldwide for 30 years, Silvie Alric joined Vatel Paris as a Strategic Marketing Professor in 2012, as well as being the Vatel International Business Game coach.

A serious management simulation game, Vatel International Business Game puts all Vatel School fifth year students in competition for a week for the Vatel Dream Team Award.

In real time simulation, students must make strategic commercial, financial, and human decisions.

For an entire week, they see the rankings change moment by moment, as well as the impact of any of the mistakes they could have made. Up until the very end, everything can change and rankings can be inversed.

This game really sums up what students learned at Vatel in 5 years: finances, corporate strategies, marketing, law, human resources, English... they need all of their subjects and students become aware that everything is linked together! Financial decisions will impact sales which will have consequences on marketing, meaning also on human resources, etc.

I’m there to help them:

  • find what knowledge is required
  • communicate with each other in their teams
  • think globally
  • draw up a strategic plan and then stick to it
  • understand the impact of their decisions
  • calm things down
  • not to be too discouraged if they come in last
  • keep on with the good work if they come in first
  • learn while having a good time


Next session on April 3, 2017!


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At school with Oscar

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