On the road to the Ritz

Vanessa Noel recruits in the entire world for internships or short missions in prestigious American hotels. She especially appreciated the professional conduct and passion for the hospitality industry that Vatel students have.

On the road to the Ritz

Tell us about your job...

For the past 17 years I’ve worked for Alliance Abroad, a J-1 visa sponsor. I look for work experiences (internships or summer jobs) in well-known hotels in the United States and recruit throughout the entire world, but especially so in France.

Tell us about your presentation to Vatel students...

Vatel Schools are recognized for their excellent curriculums. I met with students from Vatel Paris to put them in touch with the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch, a beautiful hotel in the Colorado mountains (United States), and give them an opportunity of doing a paid internship at the Ritz.

I presented the hotel to the students as well as the details of the internships they could apply for. Then we had interviews and some of them were hired by the Guests Relations, Rooms Division and Catering Services departments.

What memories do you have of the students?

They were all really professional. Some of them were a bit nervous about having a job interview in English, but they overcame their fears and the employer was bowled over by their enthusiasm: I was really proud of them!