Setting luxury as a goal

Entering an MBA program after a preparatory year at Vatel, Marie Loyon is specializing in luxury goods management. Her ambition after graduating is to combine luxury and human resources to offer the very best of services.

Setting luxury as a goal

How does your training at Vatel prepare you for professional life?

Hospitality means plurality: versatility of jobs, diversity of institutions and countries, variety of cultures that we encounter every day ... All this requires us to be kind, respectful and committed, know how to show sophistication and be attentive in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers: essential qualities that Vatel training allows us to acquire and develop.
Internships are crucial for gaining experience as well as creating and expanding our professional network. The family atmosphere and sense of teamwork are what I love most about Vatel: we are a family of 7,000 students and 33,000 graduates around the world, all ready to give advice and help each other in our careers.

Why did you choose the Luxury Goods Management MBA offered at Vatel Paris?

I want to face the challenge of working in luxury hospitality on a daily basis. An experience at the Peninsula Paris allowed me to learn about day-to-day activities in a palace and understand that, in the hospitality industry, luxury means offering the customer an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. Everything must be flawless: beauty of the place, luxury of the materials, culture of excellence, prestigious past of the establishment, customized service, etc. You must know how to make the noblest part of history and know-how come to life on a daily basis, embody elegance and sophistication and take the customer into a unique and rare world. I like the challenge of having to achieve the impossible ... or almost! This MBA specialization puts me face to face with the challenges of my future job, especially that of instilling the culture of luxury in the employees of an establishment bearing the prestigious title of palace.

What are your best memories at Vatel?

The practical application, in the dining room and in the kitchen: in front of real customers, at the application restaurant, I was able to discover a variety of different jobs. I vividly recall some great moments during my exciting and very intense class on the history and culture of wine that our teacher taught with both great knowledge and humor. 

How is your 5th and last year going at Vatel?

The classes are all in the morning, which gives us the afternoon to work on our projects. Scheduled over 4 months, the classes are very specific (marketing, operational management, history of luxury goods, entrepreneurial management, finance, language courses) and put us in direct contact with the profession that will soon be ours. The final exam in December will be followed by a six-month internship, during which we will be required to write a thesis. After my thesis defense in September, I hope I will graduate!
I cannot wait to start my final internship at the Plaza Athénée human resources department, in training and recruitment. After several experiences in customer service, I now want to help employees: curious, responsive, open to others, I would like to pursue a career in human resources. In my opinion, those who work in human resources are very important. They guarantee the well-being and fulfillment of employees by making sure things run smoothly and passing on knowledge and skills. Because they represent the company’s values, they are able to offer customers the best services while promoting the establishment’s corporate identity.