Three quotes from a Valedictorian

Anna, the top student for the 2016 MBA Vatel alumni, tells us what she thinks.

Three quotes from a Valedictorian

Trained to be a legal expert, everything picked up speed for Anna Lauroz Lamour when she began her MBA Vatel course in Paris.

I had the opportunity of doing my final internship in the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel Human Resources department, while continuing my last courses at Vatel Paris with a work-study program.

This is probably why I was hired right away in the HR department of the Meridien Etoile Hotel, right after I finished my fifth years’ exams.

I’ve had this job since June, 2016 and I’m in charge of training and internal communication”.


2 memorable quotes from Vatel school days

“You’ll only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.”

 Christophe Prevost, Negotiations Professor

Anna’s comment: “Here we’re talking about the first sentence, with the 30-second rule. This is very true in the hospitality industry, as it applies not only to our guests, but to new employees that we meet or hire.”

“Being able to have empathy for each employee is an essential quality that each professional working in human resources must learn to develop.” Sandrine Cambazar - at that time the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel HR Manager and currently at the YUZU Group Yannick Alleno and internship director.

“For the second sentence, I’d like to add that having worked in HR for 14 months, that you also have to remain true to yourself and sincere in all professional situations.”


Her professional advice 

“And if I could give some advice to all future and current Vatel students, this would be it: 

In all team situations, you’ll always be working with someone who’s better than you. That’s a good thing! It’s an opportunity to learn new skills from him or her!”  


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