Vatel replay on Campus Channel

Guest, candidate, student and now, an alumnus: Laura knows everything about Vatel and answers your questions in this video.

Vatel replay on Campus Channel

As a teen, she was a guest with her parents in the Vatel Hotel & Spa Nimes.

After graduating from high school in economy and administration, she applied to the Vatel Nimes School.

As a student, she spent her first three Bachelor Vatel years in the south of France, in the Gard, then went to Vatel Paris for her MBA Vatel in International Hotel Management.

As an alumnus, she was hired immediately as the Human Resources Coordinator at the Parisian palace, the Plaza Athenee.

Click HERE for Laura Benedetti’s Success Story and right under, her live interview on October 12, 2016 on the Campus Channel.

Accompanied by Lionel Demoment, the Vatel Admissions Officer, both experts answered all the questions for an hour. 

This video is only in French, but here you can listen to Vatel’s latest English live featuring:

  • Fatima Sammar, Promotion and Recruitment Manager
  • Daniel Ktuger - Recruitment Officer Vatel Nimes