Success in Tel Aviv !

A unique concept taking the best of both worlds from renting apartments and staying in hotels, the Sweet Inn startup is opening entities all throughout the world. At the head of her Sweet Inn in Tel Aviv, the Vatelien Dana Hamisha, tells us about her job.

Success in Tel Aviv !

Traveling around the world, speaking different languages and meeting new cultures,” are dreams that led Dana Hamisha, now the Operations Manager for the Sweet Inn brand, to Tel Aviv, after being quickly promoted, in the client relations department.

And it’s true that she’s really enthusiastic about her job: “What I really like is to transform an unsatisfied customer into a very happy customer. That shows me that I’ve got a positive influence on people that helps to make them happy.”

Sweet Inn, which provides hotel services in stylishly designed apartments, allows her to build on this momentum. The start-up is already present in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Brussels and Rome, and will soon be opening in other cities.

Dana began her studies in another school. Once she had graduated, she wanted to progress in hospitality management and was pleased to learn that Vatel had just opened a school in Tel Aviv, where she lives.

“Vatel has very high European teaching standards. It’s an educational brand known at a global scale, and everyone in the hospitality industry knows this brand.” Dana Hamisha, class of 2016

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