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Mitchel Camacho - Vatel

Mitchel Camacho

Hotel Reservations Agent

Intercontinental Hotel
Class of 2018

Makati City, Philippines Return

The best learning experience that I had in Vatel was that you should be confident in yourself. Grace doesn’t matter in our industry. For me, it’s your attitude. The way you speak to people. And maybe the best thing for me is that you should always be confident. Once you lose yourself, you won't understand how processes work in the hotel industry. 

Vatel prepared me in a way that we're not just focused on academics, we’re also focused on the practical aspect. We focus more on the actions and we learned first hand experiences through our four practicums or immersions. In that way, we have always an edge against other schools.

I graduated in March 2018. After a month,  I was already searching for a job because I wanted to take advantage of my being a fresh graduate. With all of the knowledge that I gained from school, I could use it as an advantage in the hotel industry. So currently now, I am a Hotel Reservations Agent for the Holiday Inn Express, and recently I am already being interviewed for the position of team manager for our team just five months into my work.

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